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The Hydrogen Group,Inc.


  The BIGGEST News in the trucking industry is still a secret!

We’re about to revolutionize the $676 billion trucking industry!

Overview: The Hydrogen Group objective is to substantially increase MPG and reduce pollution in heavy-duty diesel trucks with its patent approved technology. The Company was launched to achieve these objectives by utilizing the expertise of professionals in automotive technology, finance, marketing, sales and management.

● The innovative technology produces Hydrogen on the Go™ which is a supplement to diesel fuel powered trucks and is generated as needed. It is a system and method of providing HHO gas effectively delivered to the engine while the truck is moving and is proven to significantly improve performance. It is also described as HHO on the Go™. No fuel station infrastructure is needed.
● According to the American Trucking Association there are 3,6 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks burning over 39 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move billions of freight annually. The Company’s patent approved invention (Patent Number 10,180,119) will save over 5.7 billion gallons of diesel fuel or $17.1 Billion in fuel cost each year. This benefits EVERYONE, including investors, customers and the environment.

Key Highlights:

  • The Hydrogen Group’s patent was approved in late 2018 by the USP&TO after multiple filings (Patent Number 10,180,119). The Company also has a Patent pending (Number 16/240.214).

  • The PIT Group (http://thepitgroup.com) is leading us through their “Go to Market” program. They are 40-year engineering company serving the transportation industry with 35 engineers and clients worldwide.

  • Transportation Research Center (http://www.trcpg.com) completed an independent Tests Report which confirmed our R&D results. The 19-page report stated that fuel savings was 27% and the mpg improvement was 37%. One pint of water replaced 11 gallons of fuel.

  • The MPG test results in 2013 to 2017 ranged from 20% to 30% improvement. Diesel emissions hydrocarbon reduction exceeded 25% ranging from 10ppm down to 0ppm (particles per million).

  • Revenues are projected to grow from $19 million in year one to $195 million in year three, with EBITDA in the 30% range. However, only 2% of the market potential would exceed $1.0 BILLION in sales!    

  • Sales Strategy Summary: The marketing plan includes Fleets, owner operators, and private carriers such as FedEx, UPS, Walmart, Target.


The Management Team: 

  • Armand Dauplaise, President & CEO, has extensive management experience in achieving profitable revenues.

  • Timothy Watson, Inventor, has devoted more than 15 years in the mileage improvement of diesel and gasoline powered vehicles.

  • Mark Chen, Senior Automotive Engineer, has substantial design experience in mechanical, industrial and automotive engineering.


Advisors & Consultants:

  • Dr. John E. Lamar, Shareholder and former NASA Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer is authoring our White Papers for Government Grants.

  • Roger Bess, Shareholder, third-generation trucking company CEO and former Caterpillar manager.

  • Roger Hawkins, Shareholder and former CEO. Financial Advisor, Shareholder, CPA, and advisor to businesses. Consulting firm specializing in Government Grants Consultant, with 30 years success. The goal is to receive Grants funding within 90 days. They will also lead us through the process of Government contract awards when we are ready.

  • Financial Advisor, Shareholder, CPA, and advisor to businesses. 

  • Consulting firm specializing in Government Grants Consultant, with 30 years success. The goal is to receive Grants funding within 90 days. They will also lead us through the process of Government contract awards when we are ready.

                            INVESTOR TERMS

The Company is offering Preferred Shares with a 5% Coupon and minimum of $10,000, and Common Shares with a minimum of $5,000. All Shares are at $0.10 per share. The total amount of shares offered is 1,900,000 for a total of $190,000. Dividends and exit strategy. Investors may benefit from up to three types of preferential tax treatment according to IRS Code Section 1202.

DISCLAIMER: The information set forth in this Summary does not constitute a solicitation of an offer to sell securities. The Company may choose to sell securities, which offer may be made only through an accurate and current Subscription Agreement under applicable state and federal securities regulations. Contact details: Armand Dauplaise, President & CEO, 407-221-3114, www.thehydrogen-group.com, adauplaise@thehydrogen-group.com,

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